Kitchen Remodeling Services and Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Greensboro

If your house hasn’t been blessed with a space that allows you to do that – hiring a kitchen remodel contractor is the next logical step. Luckily, there are people with years of experience that provide kitchen remodeling services and are willing to help you out.

Triad Flooring and Bath owners spent years learning the ins and outs of the industry and will gladly use their knowledge to get you the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. So, if you’re looking for kitchen renovation in Greensboro, North Carolina – you know who to call.

Find the Kitchen Remodeling Service You Need

A good kitchen remodel contractor will allow you to find the appropriate service for your specific needs. Not every job is the same, and we’re more than happy to adjust our plans based on your preferences.

No matter if you need countertop replacement, cabinet refacing, backsplash installations, or something else – we’ll give you a hand.

Some of these services are quick-and-easy fixes, so your kitchen will be up and running in no time. Still, new countertops will completely change the look of your kitchen. A different style of tiles can give the room an entirely different vibe and is a job we’ll do best.

Give us a call and leave your kitchen in the hands of professionals.

Kitchen Renovation in Greensboro, North Carolina

Triad Flooring & Bath is a small family business that opened in 2019. However, our skills go way past that.

We’ve spent years perfecting our craft and learning all about the best materials, products, and work processes for this industry.

Giving “soul” to every project we work on is among our team’s kitchen remodeling service main goals. Someone will spend their favorite moments in the rooms we renovate, and it’s our job to help them find peace and quiet whenever they visit that space. That’s why we check each job personally every day.

We take pride in being the best company for kitchen renovation in Greensboro, North Carolina, and we have no trouble proving it. The crew has a top-notch work ethic, is detail-oriented, and is reliable for even the most challenging jobs.

If you’d like to see some of our work, visit our showroom located on New Garden Rd. Or, give us a call and schedule a kitchen remodeling consultation with someone from our team. We’ll be more than happy to find a time that fits your schedule.


Diffrent designs and layouts.
It starts with a qualified designer.
Deciding on layout, design and material selections.
A kitchen remodel can add alot of value to your home.
It is a great investment.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation and talk about your ideas.