How To Pick Flooring Color

Worker Applying a Yellow Epoxy Resin Bucket on Floor.

Home design isn’t something to play with carelessly. Making a few wrong choices can end up costing you quite a few bucks.

If you invest your money into something that will increase your home’s value in the coming years, you’re making the right choice. On the other hand, simply piling colors without much sense won’t help get many eyes to your home.

To avoid disaster, you should learn how to choose the flooring color in your home. We’ve gathered a few of the most critical factors that play a hand in choosing a floor color and put them in this blog.

So wait no more, and start reading. And, next time you’re choosing a floor color, contact Triad Flooring and Bath to get expert advice.

How to Choose Flooring Color?

Choosing a floor color isn’t the simplest task for those with limited experience in interior design. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start and how to make the right choice.

Consider the following factors, and you’ll understand which is the best flooring color for your home.

The Purpose of the Room and Its Users

Green Sofa in Modern Apartment Interior With Empty Wall and Wooden Table

Deciding on the best floor color for the room highly depends on the room’s purpose. The kids will likely need different floors than the kitchen or the bathroom.

Three main details will affect your choice significantly:

  • Purpose

As we said, different rooms require opposite approaches to their design. Kids need bright colors in the playroom, an office needs a clean look, while a man cave may require darker tones.

  • Materials

Don’t forget about the materials when choosing a floor color. Certain floor types come in limited colors, and if you’re keen on having that floor, you’ll have to build the rest of the room around it.

  • Design features

If your room includes a few design features you wish to be the main attraction, keep that in mind when choosing the floors. The main rule to follow is that the rest of the colors should be a backdrop for the main frame design pieces.

Complementing Colors and Contrast

The color of your furniture plays a role when deciding the room’s flooring. Choosing colors that match is your first mistake.

Going that route will result in a dull space with not much heart.

Instead, try finding complementing pairs. Light furniture goes well with darker floors and the other way around. If you can find pieces with details that emphasize the pairing, you’re on the right track for a perfect design.


The size of the room will impact your choice more than you expect. This is because dark floors tend to make rooms feel smaller than they really are.

So, if you’re designing a smaller space, the best flooring color will likely be bright.

On the other hand, if the room is too large for your furniture, going with a darker floor will give a more cozy look.

Consult the Experts

If you feel you lack talent or experience with design, consulting an expert is your best choice. The decision you make will be there for a long time, and leaving it in the hands of someone with no knowledge of the matter isn’t the best idea.

So, let the pros do their thing. Contact Triad Flooring and Bath and let our flooring specialists know about your situation. They’ll find the best possible solution for your flooring dilemma based on your preferences.

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