Best Bathroom Tile Options for Impeccable Design

Laying Ceramic Tiles. Tiler Placing Ceramic Wall Tile in Position Over Adhesive

Remodeling the bathroom is a crucial part of every home design process, and deciding on the best tile for shower walls is more important than it seems. 

Whatever you decide on should be there to stay. So, doing a bit of research before making the final call was the right thing to do.

Wall tiles for the bathroom come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs, but the most critical part is the material. 

Ceramic wall tiles for the bathroom don’t have the same characteristics as marble or natural stone bathroom tiles. But don’t worry, we’ll give you all the information you need to decide.

Keep reading and see what’s the best tile for shower walls in your home. And to get help from professionals and see their bathroom tile ideas, contact Triad Flooring and Bath.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Ceramic Wall Tiles for the Bathroom

Many people opt for ceramic wall tiles for the bathroom in their homes. There are many reasons this type of bathroom tile is so popular. 

First, the cost can be pretty affordable. Some variations can be pricy, but most options won’t set you back too much.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of tiles out there that you can imagine almost any shape, color, or design and find yourself a match. People who don’t want to spend a fortune go for the budget options and still enjoy some of the benefits of this material.

This type of tile is easy to install, has a pretty versatile and attractive design, and doesn’t cost too much. The pros are certainly there, but what about the cons?

The bad thing about ceramic tiles is that they break easily and must be regularly sealed in areas with high humidity.

Think about ceramic as your go-to and see if it fits your budget and everyday needs.

Porcelain Tiles With Plenty of Pros

It’s hard not to mention porcelain in a blog about the best tile for shower walls. You’ll find this material in bathrooms all over the world and for a multitude of reasons.

The only con worth mentioning is the price. Porcelain will cost a bit more than ceramic tiles, but the pros will explain why.

Apart from this type of tile being simple to install, water-resistant, and gorgeous, ceramic tiles have a few more qualities.

The design will last you a lifetime since the color likely won’t fade no matter what you do to the product. Porcelain is also scratch and stain-resistant and low maintenance. 

So, forget about cleaning all day or worrying about dents, lines, and visible scratches on the surface. With porcelain, those aren’t a factor.

If you’re looking for original bathroom tile ideas, check out lantern-shaped porcelain tiles and see if they fit the rest of your home interior.

Natural Stone Tiles – The Best Tile for Shower Walls 

Luxury Three Piece Bathroom in Beige - Brown With Mosaic and Natural Stone Tiles

If you wish to have a premium experience every time you step into the bathroom, installing natural stone tiles is an option to consider.

These tiles look fantastic and will withstand anything they go through. High-quality materials offer benefits that other, more affordable solutions can’t. 

So, with natural stone, you’ll get excellent insulation against the weather while maintaining the room’s visual appeal. These tiles come in various earth tones and look perfect in any bathroom with much natural light.

They might be more challenging to clean, but the luxury is surely worth a bit of trouble. Give natural stone tiles a shot and see why their popularity keeps growing.

Ask the Pros

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